About Us

As a history lover, my heart looks back to a time when life was slower paced, and everything was made by hand. I wanted to bring a little slice of this back by creating artisan, hand crafted products in a cottage industry setting (unfortunately minus the cottage for now). MoeJoe Creations are all made by hand in small batches, and we continually test our products to improve their performance. Craftsmanship should not be rushed, and our focus is always on the product and making it of the highest possible quality. This also means making products that do as little damage to the planet as possible, so we use natural, sustainable waxes, lead free wicks and containers that can be recycled. This is also another aspect of the creation process that can and should be continually improved. Our products will continue to improve to make them more eco-friendly while still retaining that elegant feel.

Your home should be a haven from the stresses of the world, and a fantastic way to help create the right ambience at home is to use fragrance. Whether you want to relax with your favourite drink and a good book or feel invigorated and smash out a quick exercise routine, scent can help get you just in the right mood. A bit of pampering can go a long way, so we created eco luxe items that remain affordable and let you spoil yourself as often as you wish. We feel that products should not only look good but should be a responsible choice that does not harm the planet. 

Our candles are all hand poured at Woodgate Beach, Queensland, Australia, from high quality, responsibly sourced natural ingredients from Australian suppliers. 

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