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Why do you use palm wax?

Palm wax is a vegan wax that gives a beautiful decorative pattern when it sets and no longer needs to be destructive to the environment. The palm wax we use is from suppliers who are members of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This organisation is committed to responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. All raw materials are procured from sustainable plantations. Sustainable palm oil is seen as a way forward to continue to supply the world with its much-needed vegetable oil without harming the planet and its people.

Why man candles?

Men love candles and feeling pampered too and don't always want a joke candle. We want them to be able to choose a masculine looking candle that can help them relax at the end of a long day too!

Why all the different waxes?

Mainly because we love candles and love to work with a wide range of waxes, as they all have something different to offer. We do only use vegetable-based waxes and beeswax as they fit with our values. This way there is something for everyone as well, whether you like the air cleaning benefits of beeswax, the decorative finish of palm wax, the popular choice of vegan soy wax or the ultimate luxury of our beesoy or cocosoy blend waxes.